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It’s a 30 minute Gluten-free Meal!

The 30 minute meal was inspired by Rachel Ray, and as a college student who cooks every night is a concept I love! This past week when I was home on spring break my mom made her own 30 minute meal. This meal was so good, and you would of never have guessed it only took her 30 minutes! She made a lemon seasoned flounder, which was amazing and full of flavor. Cooking the fish with the lemon allows for a great blend of flavor! Listed below are the ingredients you need to make this dish.

Lemon Seasoned Flounder
1 egg
Flour ( I would recommend Jules or Garbanzo Bean Flour)
Butter (We used Earth Balance)
1 Lemon

Dip flounder in egg, and then coat in flour. Set aside. Thinly slice the lemon. In frying pan, melt a small amount of butter and place flounder and lemon slices in pan to cook. Cook until fish is lightly browned.

Meal is great with vegetables, along side a salad, brown rice or pasta.

A Sweet Surprise

I truly have the greatest parents. This new lifestyle has been a transition/ learning experience for them as well. Often I don’t take into account how this transition has effected them. As a family, we have had to adapt recipes to fit my dietary needs, and we can no longer just “get up and go” to a restaurant, not to mention the increase cost of my food. On occasion, I tend to feel bad about the new transitions we have to go through, but they always remind me the benefits of this diet are priceless…they finally got their daughter back! Since I was diagnosed my parent always have done things to help me have a “normal” experience, and are always seeking out new foods and GF restaurants that I can enjoy!

Recently, my dad was at a business meeting and one of his clients gave him the business card for Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery. He told my dad, “it is the best gluten-free bakery”, and my dad needed to take me there. Ironically, my mom had also heard about this bakery through Facebook and had been wanting to take me to Tu-Lu’s for months ( I think she was more excited then me!) This past weekend, my dad came home with a surprise for me… a box full of treats from Tu-Lu’s Bakery! The box was full of cookies, a brownie, two mini loafs, and a  Red Velvet Cupcake.

On his way home he tried an oatmeal raisin cookie and said they were “out of this world.” Being one who loves muffins and breads, I  immediately wanted to try the morning glory loaf (not shown above picture), which I willing shared with my mom. We both loved it. The bread was full of raisins, walnuts, and carrots, and was so moist.

Next up was the red velvet cupcake. This was recommended by my dad’s client, so this was one item he knew he wanted to get me. Ironically, prior to my g-free days, I had never had a red velvet cupcake, so this was really something new for me to try! This too was another hit and I really enjoyed it. However, next time I would like to try their dairy-free/ vegan icing. (I was never one for cream cheese icing).

Yesterday morning I tried Tu-Lu’s Pumpkin bread. OMG is all I have to say. It was so good, and reminded me of the pumpkin bread (gluten-filled) my mom makes every year. The flavor was unbelievable! One thing which was different about this bread, was it was topped with pumpkin seeds. I really liked this unique touch. I froze the other goodies for later enjoyment. (I am sure they won’t last longer in the freezer.)

Once again my family found another GREAT gluten-free bakery. If you haven’t gone to Tu-Lu’s yet, you need to seriously go check it out (they also ship)! Their baked goods are unbelievable. In addition to GF bake goods, Tu-Lu’s also makes paninis on their own GF bread.

Tu-Lu’s is located at 338 East 11th Street, in New York City. For more information you can visit their website or find them on Facebook.

Special shout out to my Mom and Dad: Thanks for embracing this new journey with me and supporting me through every step of the way. I couldn’t of done it without you!

Become Determined!

Since going GF my mom and I have figured out how to successfully adapt many of my favorite meals, while others we are still working on. One meal I really enjoyed before going GF was French Dipped Sandwiches. The only problem was many of the ingredients contained gluten and we didn’t know the proper substitutes. Recently, I have been determined to figure out how I could enjoy a French Dipped Sandwich once again. With a little help from my mom and a trip to our localWhole Foods we were able to make this meal possible. This recipe is easy to make and requires little effort, since the meat cooks in a crock pot. Below are the ingredients you will need:

Rump Roast
16 oz of >Pacific Natural Foods French Onion Soup
16 oz of Pacific Natural Foods Beef Broth
1 Can of gluten-free beer (we used Redbridge)
Gluten-free roll/ baguette

Trim the meat before placing it in crock pot. Cook on low setting for 8 hours. Before serving slice and heat bread in the oven. When serving place some of the broth in a small dish for dipping. Note: For my sandwich I used a piece of Wild Flours’baguette. The bread was really good, and worked great when making this sandwich.Joan’s Great Bakes Italian bread would also work well too!

Though the other members in my family enjoyed their sandwich on gluten-containing bread, we all thought the meal came out great; I know I am looking forward to leftovers! It makes me so happy that I want to try out old recipes once again. The more successes, the more variety I will have to choose from! I know that it can be daunting (especially when you are newly diagnosed), but I challenge you to grab some of your favorite recipes and adapt them to fit your dietary needs. Once you learn how to adapt (and trust me I am still learning), you will find the possibilities are endless. Take a chance, and remember; if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Best of Luck