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Living My Best Gluten-free Life!

A few weeks ago, I went on a school retreat. I was nervous, and did not know what to expect, but told myself I was going to remain open about the whole experience. For those of you that know me, I am a very reflective person and know a lot about myself. Before I went on the retreat I thought, “what possibly more could I learn about myself”, but again remained open for what the weekend would bring.

The weekend I had on the retreat seriously changed my life. It made me realized things that I didn’t realize were effecting me, and allowed me to lift so many of the burdens that I had been carrying on my shoulders for years. There are still some things that I am trying to sort through, but one thing I realized is I don’t want life to pass me by.

To understand this more I need to share a bit more of my story. We all have dreams about what high school will look like as a freshman. For me those dreams and visions did not come true, since I was sick all four years. As I crossed the stage and graduated, I thought “things are going to be different, when I went to college.” That statement was wrong again too. I spent freshman year away from home and sicker then ever. Then between the summer between freshman and sophomore year came the diagnosis. My world was turned upside down, I had to learn so much. The first semester was great, but then towards the end of the semester I got really sick again. Six months of searching and we finally determined I was getting sick because I was using mouth wash that contained gluten. That finding did not happen until 2 weeks before I headed back to school for junior year. That semester was pretty good, and my body was beginning to heal, until I was hit with the foot injury (same one I am currently dealing with). I was home every other weekend of second semester junior year to go to doctors or have tests done.

Now I am finally recovering from things, and seem to be finally moving in the right direction.I don’t share this to make you feel bad for me, I only share this to give you insight on where I am coming from. Many people look at everything I am doing and are amazed at what I do, but to me it’s what has to be done. However, as I was reflecting during the weekend, and since then, I have realized I haven’t been living my best life.

Though I have embraced the g-free lifestyle I feel at times I looked at certain situations, and feel held back because I am GF. Even after reading Allergic Girl, I was still putting up walls. They are walls I am ready to take down! No longer do I want to be afraid of new situations because I don’t know what to expect. One of my dreams in life is to travel to europe, and though I still want to do it, I feel that for the past 2 and 1/2 years I have been doubting if that dream will every come true. I worry about dating and work situations, but through having two internships it has helped me deal with particular situations. I have realized that I can no longer have expectations, and just need to start living

As I am approaching my final semester at college, it saddens me that because of particular situations I have missed out on a lot.Some were because of walls I had up, and others were because of outside circumstances that I have had to deal with.  However, we can’t go back nor do I want to. I realized I was living my life, being prepared for “what was going to happen next”, with my guard up at all times. I have accepted things are going to come up; just like I have always done, I will deal with them. However, no longer will they hold me back.From this day forward, I am truly ready to live my best gluten-free life!

Pizza with Bob Red Mill

For the longest time I have had Bob Red Mill’s GF pizza crust in my cabinet. My parents got it at last year’s  Suffolk County Celiacs vender fair ( FYI: The 2012 vender fair will be held on May 5 & 6th!).

Tonight seemed like the perfect night for pizza! I decided I needed break from all my work, and broke out my Kitchen Aid mixer.  The mix was so easy to make and makes a TON of dough. Not only was I able to make a large pizza, but I had left over dough as well.

I opted to make a traditional pizza, (with one modification – DF cheese), using Rao’s marinara sauce and Daiya mozzarella cheese. The crust itself was great, and reminded me of the homemade pizza I use to make! The best part, is I have a ton of left overs. In the freezer they went. With finals coming up the more pre-made meals I make the better!

To learn more about Bob Red Mill’s gluten-free products, visit their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter!

I LOVE Peanut Butter!

If there is one thing I couldn’t live without it would have to be PB&J sandwiches. No kidding when I first went GF, I was so sad I would one longer be able to enjoy my favorite sandwich. (That changed very quickly once I found Udi’s Gluten-free Bread!)

The thing I love about peanut butter is there are so many ways you can enjoy it. Add to that most peanut butters are g-free, and it’s a win, win situation! When I shop for peanut butter, I opt for natural. It’s so much better then the process stuff!! (Trust me once you switch, you will notice a HUGE difference). Below are a few more ways I like to enjoy peanut butter:

Peanut butter on apples/ pears
“Ants on a Log” – Celery with PB and raisins Peanut Butter on crackers/Joan’s multi-grain English muffins
Peanut butter with Snyder’s GF  Pretzel sticks/ Lentil Chips

My peanut butter of choice = “Smooth Operator” from The Peanut Butter Co. I don’t know what it is about this peanut butter, but it honestly makes the best PB& J sandwiches. However, there is one tiny issue, I can only find it at my local Whole Foods at home, and I ran out this past weekend! Up at school, Wegman’s carries some of the Peanut butter Co.’s peanut butter, so I decided to step away from the norm and try their Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB. I love making PB & J on Cinnamon Raisin bread so I couldn’t see how I wouldn’t like it. The first time I tried this peanut butter I put it on a Udi’s Cinnamon

RaisinBagel. While the texture is a bit more grittier then your traditional peanut butter, the combination was delicious

In addition to “Smooth Operator” and “Cinnamon Raisin Swirl” the Peanut Butter Co., makes a variety of unique flavored peanut butters including, “Dark Chocolate Dreams”, “Mighty Maple”, and “White Chocolate Wonderful”. In addition to selling jars of PB, I just found out the Peanut Butter Co. also sells individual packages of PB, which would be great when traveling. To learn more about the Peanut Butter Co. visit their website, and be sure to find them on Twitter

Have you tried the Peanut Butter Co’s peanut butter? If so, what is your favorite variety? What is your favorite way to enjoy peanut butter?

A Sleepover Tradition

When I think of childhood sleepovers, one thing comes to mind – Fried Pizza Dough. This is a something that my grandma made for my mom when she was a child during her sleepovers, and is a tradition my mom carried on. While it may not be a healthy meal, boy is it good!
I haven’t made this is years. However, since I had left over Bob Red Mill Pizza dough, I just had to try it!

I’ll take you step by step. First round the dough and be sure to poke a small hole.

After, heat vegetable oil in large pan

Place dough in fry pan. Let fry until golden brown. Turn to other side.

Place on paper towel to get rid of excess oil.

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy.

This is probably the unhealthiest meal I have made in a long time, yet it was so good. Despite regretting my choice after (I tend to not do well with fried foods, and will probably not make this again for this reason), it brought back many fun memories of sleepover breakfasts, and I am happy I was able to try it again.