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10 Types of Sofas

The living room is a gateway to any home. This is where visitors spend the most time. It is, therefore, wise to invest in classic furniture that would make the room elegant.

Sofas are one of the most common types of furniture in every home. I must admit I love sofas. I love to browse the internet to look at the latest sofa designs from around the world. I love to go out and try them whenever I’m shopping. However, this obsession has at times gotten me into trouble with my husband (laughs). I remember some time back we were in the city (right here in London), and I decided to make a stopover at a furniture store called Furniture Village in Friern Barnet. At first, my husband was hesitant but after persuasion, he reluctantly agreed. I ended up spending a huge amount of time in there trying out each and every sofa. This infuriated my husband, and I was almost left behind!

So, there are many types of sofa sets available. So many, that it may be difficult to choose one from the other. Let’s consider a few.


The Chesterfield Sofa

  • This sofa is renowned for its tufted characteristic.
  • The tufted design in some sofas is confined to the back and arms, while in some, it’s included in the sitting area.


The Lawson-Style Sofa

  • With this type of a sofa, the back part comprises of pillows and is not joined with the frame. This design was created purposely to create a softer sofa with large cushions that are within its frame.
  • Lawson sofas come in different sizes, materials, and colours.
  • One can play around with the detached cushions, for example, by using them as pillows while lying on the carpet.


The Sectional Sofa

  • This sofa is divided into several sections which can be arranged into several configurations. The most common number of sections is either 3 or 5.
  • There are many styles, designs, and materials within the furniture market, some which are large while others are small.
  • The most common configurations of this sofa are the U and L shapes.
  • The main advantage of the sectional sofas is that they are easy to move (in case one wants to move them to another place or even relocate).


The English Sofa

  • Also known as The English rolled arm.
  • It’s characterized by low arms and a high back.
  • Another characteristic is its tight upholstery, although it is a bit cushioned all over (including the arms).

The Camel Back Sofa

  • Its main characteristic is the higher back at the center which descends in a continuous line into its arms.
  • The legs, together with the wood on top of the back, are usually exposed.


The Cabriole Sofa

  • Its main design element is the continuous and equal height back and arms.
  • The arms curve inwards, thus creating some sort of long line from arm to arm.
  • Some cabriole sofas have the exposed wood element along the top of the back and arms.


The Bridgewater Sofa

  • With this kind of sofa, the arms are rolled to the side and are lower than the sofa’s back.
  • It was a popular sofa back in the day. However, its popularity has waned, and it’s been surpassed by other designs like the Sectional and Lawson


The Chaise Lounge Sofa

  • There are some Chaise Lounge Sofas that have an arm while other don’t.
  • These sofas can be commonly found at pool sides as patio furniture.


The Divan Sofa

  • Its main characteristic is that it does not have a back.
  • Therefore, it’s advisable to put it against a wall, allowing the pillows to provide a more cushioned back.

The Settee Sofa

  • It’s simply a wide chair and considered closely ‘related’ to the loveseat. However, the loveseat is broader than the settee.


In London, sofas can be purchased at Furniture Village Friern Barnet, Furniture Village New Malden, and The Furniture Store.