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Tips on Choosing Throw Pillows

Tips on Choosing Throw Pillows

The right combination of throw pillows usually gives a room a unique semblance. The first time I came across the concept of throw pillows, I fell in love with it. However, just like other people, I found it difficult to choose the ideal pillows when I first went shopping. The following are tips that guided me in choose the right pillows.


Colour and Patterns

This is the part most people tend to find difficult yet the most crucial. Many questions tend to pop into peoples’ minds like: How do I know which patterns and colors match? Should the colour of the sofa be the only thing to consider or the whole living room décor scheme? Consider the following ideas to help you out:Képtalálat a következőre: „throw pillows”

  • If there are two pillows next to each other on a piece of furniture, make sure that they don’t look alike. For example, if one is patterned, the other should a single colour.
  • For a large sofa, take two pillows that contrast its colour and put one on each end. Then the two middle pillows should have patterns that match the colour of the furniture.
  • Prints that consist of neutral colours should be chosen especially if you like bold colours.
  • Mixing of patterns is encouraged. However, most of the pillows should have at least one colour in common.
  • The scale of the patterns should be varied when mixing pillows so that each one can be noticeable.
  • When buying pillows for both armchairs and sofas, make sure that they are in sets. The pillows for both should not necessarily be the same, but at least match a few colours and patterns.



The sofa or chair size should be the determinant of the size of the throw pillows. The average size of a pillow is around 16”-18” by 16”-18”, which is okay for a large sofa. Small pillows, on the other hand, will look weird on a large sofa. Oversize pillows (around 24”) usually create a cozy feel. However, they should be reserved for large sofas that have enough seating space.

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The typical pillow fillings are foam, feather or a synthetic mix. These are cheaper options, especially when you compare them to goose down. Goose down is softer and has better quality but is quite expensive. If the pillows are going to be somewhere they’ll be leaned a lot on; then it is advisable to go for the goose down filling to make the pillow last longer. If the pillows are not leaned on a lot, then go for the other fillings.


Number of Pillows

The ideal number of pillows is at times a contentious issue. The most important aspect to consider is the size of the sofa. If you choose four pillows, then they should be in 2 pairs; one solid and one patterned. On the other hand, a huge sofa may require five pillows. Typically, the ideal number for most couches is three. For a small chair, however, one pillow is enough.



There are basically four types of pillow shapes in the market; squares, bolsters, rounds, and rectangles. The shape required will be determined by the intended use of the pillow. For provision of comfort to the body, while lounging, squares are the best. Rectangles, on the other hand, provide support to the lower back and neck. The recommended shape for leather sofas is the bolster, as it doesn’t slip down.

Also, sofas with sharp lines go hand in hand with round pillows, while large squares go with puffy couches.

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The room’s décor theme is a crucial aspect when shopping for pillows. It determines stylistic choices like fabrics, colours, and texture of the pillows. For example, velvet and silk go hand in hand with classic settings. Modern design schemes tend to go with a limited palette, large geometric prints or no prints and cotton and linen fabrics. For a dynamic look, each pillow can have a different fabric but with a common colour denominator.