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Windows and Window Designs

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Windows – “little doors” hanging on our walls that we have all grown up with. At least, that’s how I used to refer to them growing up. Windows are so much overlooked, but their very essence will come beckoning at your doorstep when you discover their priceless presence. They bring life into a room in the form of fresh air and natural light. But, did you ever realize that they can be more than that, much more, especially to suit your interior décor tastes. Here`s a brief insight into some of the tips I`ve used for window designs in the past and had flawless outcomes as a result.


Choose Windows Matching the Room

The primary consideration here is the actual space the window will be contained in, in the wall. For massive, tall walls, the perfect match would be clearstory windows. They should be placed in a high position, towering the ground beneath them. An alternative to this would be to choose multistory windows which are a standard feature in atriums. For rooms with relatively shorter walls, a fair share of natural sunlight and the general scenery outside can be enjoyed by opting for windows that are low in height, about the floor.


Capture the Outdoors and Bring Them Inside

Képtalálat a következőre: „window designs”

For those who can get involved in the design of their houses before the actual construction, I would urge you to consider getting windows that will bring your surroundings inside your home. What I mean by this is, perform a next to perfect sweep over of the world outside, choose the best view that you`d prioritize capturing, then choose a window that will bring that look to viewers from the inside. I will tell you from experience; nothing can beat the view of the sun showing its pink silk scarf on the horizon and its rays falling upon the ocean from your floor to ceiling glass windows.


Leaving Wall Space

Leaving wall space mostly applies to the avid art collectors or anyone who has a preference for wall hangings and artwork. To such people, every inch of their wall space is valuable, and they need as much of it as they can salvage. Clerestory windows are their best choice for windows. They are placed near the roof to facilitate entry of natural light high above the level of the floor, all this in a bid to free up wall space below them. They also make the house appear like it’s hovering below the roofline. Did you ever think you could get so much…from a window?


Shapes and Sizes

Képtalálat a következőre: „window designs”

For most of the home décor items I’ve talked about on my blog, I`ve been careful to specify the best standards of measurements that have worked out for me. However, this is not the case for windows. Here, my one rule is,” there are no rules”. The essence of this is to help you choose different designs and configurations to bring out numerous variations depending on your style, taste, preferences and overall look of your home. The aspect of ‘no rules,’ gives you the freedom to choose from curvilinear to rectilinear types of windows, all for the purpose of taking advantage of the ravishing views outside.