A Great Addition to Long IsIand: Strictly Gluten-free

Long Island now has a new Gluten-free addition! Strictly Gluten-free, a store dedicated to serving those with celiac and gluten-sensitivity.

The weekend I came home from school my mom and I took a ride to Northport, to check out this new addition. Not only was it the grand opening weekend of Strictly Gluten-free, but ” Glow-Gluten Free was at the store. Glow Cookies have been one of my favorites since the beginning, and I thought it would be awesome to meet the people behind these delicious creations.

Unfortunately,I just missed Jill, but on a positive note my mom tried Glow Cookies for the 1st time, and loved them!

I was really impressed by the product selection that Strictly Gluten-Free had. Everything from bread to snacks. Even gluten-free cosmetics and supplements were sold there. Strictly GF carried many of my favorite gluten-free products including Le Veneziane Pasta, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread and of course Glow cookies! In addition to these products they carried many products that were new to me, including Sharkies – Organic Fruit Snacks, and Kur Organic Superfoods.

I love that Long Island has many Gluten-free stores and love shopping at different stores, because it allows me to be exposed to many different gluten-free products (preventing food bordom). I look forward to going back to Strictly Gluten-free and am excited to try other new products that they have to offer!

Strictly Gluten-Free is located on Larkfield Road in East Northport. For more information on Long Island’s newest addition, visit their website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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