Always Remember, Person First!

As many of you may know at school I am majoring in counseling. Last week, we were having a conversation about the use of language in my Psychosocial Aspects of Medical Disabilities class. Having this conversation made me think of how sometimes people are referred to as “suffers” or “victims” of celiac or gluten-sensitivity. There are so many things wrong with these choice of words. First of all, a person is not a “victim” or “suffer” of a disease. Our conditions are part of who we are, but they do not define our whole identity. Instead people should say, “person who has celiac disease.” Not only does this statement sound so much better, but it eliminates  the negative association that the words “victim” and “suffer” hold.

On a more personal note, I don’t feel like I am a “victim” or “suffer” of any condition. Before my diagnosis I may have suffered from horrible symptoms due to a lack of diagnosis, but I surely don’t feel like a victim! How could I? I now can live my BEST LIFE. We are people first, and should not be defined by any condition! Rather then being referred to as “suffers” or “victims” I would love others to focus on what a positive impact a gluten-free diet can have on someone who has celiac or gluten sensitivity.What’s your thoughts on this topic of conversation?

Enough about my thoughts, and onto my weekly meal plan. This week is all about leftovers, and using what’s in the freezer! Since I made pizza last week and had extra marinara sauce and href=””>Daiyacheese, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to make chicken parm. I haven’t had this dish in a really long time, so I’m kinda excited!! Sure hope it comes out good!

Sunday: DF/GF (baked) chicken parm, Broccoli
Monday:Leftover Peas and Pasta
Tuesday: Lime Chicken over salad
Wednesday:Late Class – Breakfast for dinner!
Thursday: Lemon, garlic and herbs Salmon, Quinoa, Grilled red peppers
Friday: Kettle Cuisine Chicken Noodle Soup, Joan’s corn toaster muffin

69 thoughts on “Always Remember, Person First!

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