Beginning Your Journey

During the period that I was searching for medical answers, I adopted the belief, “even in the most challenging times, you can find something positive in your situation.” At times this was hard to believe, but it was what got me through the five years of uncertainty, and is a belief I continue to carry with me today.

Ever since I was diagnosed, I have had a positive outlook on the changes that needed to be made. Regardless of my positive attitude, I have had moments where I break down and cry. However, after I give myself those few moments, I think of all the positives of being gluten-free. Going gluten-free was a healing process both physically and emotionally. I found focusing on the positives of my situation has helped me to move forward.

You may mourn the foods you can no longer eat, or you may find the transition more emotional. However, you are in control about how you are going to view this lifestyle. I would encourage you to look at your diagnosis as a positive change, one that is going to help you restore your health. Don’t focus on what you can’t eat, focus on what you can eat! Adapting this outlook will not only be helpful for yourself, but it will most likely influence the people in your life.

 “If you are comfortable being gluten-free others around you will be too.” – Papa Clifford