Canyon Bakehouse Focaccia

This Christmas, I received many kitchen appliances. My family and I often joke that by the time I get married and have a wedding shower, I will have everything I need! This Christmas my brother got me a
Cuisinart GR-4N 5
in 1 griddle. I love this appliance and use it weekly at school. I use it to make things like grilled cheese, pancakes and just this week I made a panini using Canyon Bakehouse Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia!

Canyon Bakehouse’s hamburger buns, 7-grain and cinnamon raisin bread and was excited to try out their focaccia. The first time I had the focaccia I made a panini using grilled chicken, grilled red peppers and Rice mozzarella shreds. Initially, when I had this bread I thought the rosemary and thyme was a little too strong (I think I had too many different flavors on the bread at once), however when I had the bread for a second time with a little bit of butter, I loved it! The bread itself had a good flavor, was very moist, and was very suitable for a panini. It comes frozen, so just let it sit out to defrost and you are ready to go. No heating necessary! Next time I think I am going to make pizza using the focaccia

If you are interested in trying Canyon Bakehouse products, you can purchase them online, or I have found them at my localWhole Foods

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