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Types of Rugs

Choosing the right type of rug is essential in the art of home designing. The choice of rug can either make a room look attractive or unattractive. Knowledge of matching the right rug with the color scheme of a room is crucial.

Before going out to buy a rug, I believe that it’s important first to know the various types of rugs in the market.


Dhurrie Rugs

A dhurrie is a thick, flat woven rug that mainly originates from India. It is at times spelled as ‘durrie’ or ‘dari.’ These rugs are made using techniques that have been in use for many years. The flat-weave design (which is a distinguished feature of this rug) used to create them makes them last long and beautiful.

The dhurrie rag’s tight weave ensures that the rug can easily be cleaned. The rugs are made from materials like cotton, wool, silk or a combination of natural fibers. When it comes to patterns, the most dominant ones are traditional miranet and mosque shapes. Modern designs have incorporated floral, animal and square patterns.

For colors, dhurrie rugs combine different shades. Another feature of this rug is that the other side is also patterned; hence the rug can be flipped in case maybe the top part is stained, for example. However, there is a variation in color between the two sides. Also, they do not have a heavy built in pad, therefore making them easy to carry from one place to another. This also enables one to shake the rug easily to get rid of dirt.

Oriental Rugs

This is my favorite type of rug. It’s basically a heavy textile made for various kinds of purposes. It originated mainly from countries in the Mid-East, Far East and North Africa like Morocco, Tibet, Iran, and China. There are various types of oriental rugs in the market:


Chobi Ziegler

  • These rugs are a traditional type known for their less intense colors and classic designs. The term ‘chobi’ is a Persian word meaning wood, while ‘Ziegler’ is the German company that helped to create this rug design.
  • They are of high quality. They have lower count knots than the Persian variety.


Persian Rugs

  • These rugs are made in Iran (which was previously known as Persia).
  • They are one of the ancient oriental rugs in the market.
  • They usually feature patterns like husks, jugs and crosses and traditional colors like red and gold.
  • They are considered to be of the highest quality.



Ikat Rugs

  • They are of one of the world’s oldest designs.
  • The famous ikat pattern is native to ancient cultures of Japan, India, and Yemen.
  • Several ikat patterns have diamond or triangle shapes repeated in loose lines.


Bokhara Rugs

  • Its name is derived from Bukhara, a town in the modern day Uzbekistan.
  • This design consists of classic colors red, navy and brown and has oval shaped patterns.
  • Bokhara rugs consist of entirely asymmetrical knots, unlike most Oriental rugs.

Silk Rugs

As with its name, these rugs contain a silk component in them. The higher the silk woven into the rug, the higher the rug’s value. These rugs have a soft texture. However, their delicate silk fibers are difficult to maintain as compared to traditional wool.


Bordered Rugs

This is a simple rug with a base color at the center. It also has a border on the edges which usually has several colors and designs.


Inlaid Rugs

Inlaid rugs have a wide assortment of designs and can be customized with initials.

Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

When it comes to home decorations, the room that I always look forward to decorating all the time is the living room. I believe the living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s usually the first room you go into after entering a home. Guests spend most of their time here. It, therefore, needs the utmost attention in decoration matters.

With this in mind, the following are various living room decoration ideas that can be considered that can spice up the living room.


Seeing Red

Red colors might dominate the living room. The red is ‘screaming’ all over? What can be done to tame it? I would recommend an addition of white in some areas of the room so that the bold red color can be controlled.


Light and Airy

The living room should always feel light, and there should be air moving freely. In line with the theme of décor, furniture like an open-weave coffee table and Lucite dining chairs are suitable for making the living room not feel cramped.



All White Surrounding

White is a fantastic color to go with in the living room. However at times plain white may at times look weird or strange. To spice it up a bit, different textures like a crocheted throw or a rough-hewn linen sofa can be utilized.


Reading Section

Reading is food for the soul. A part of the living room should be set aside for this purpose. This section should be designed with the main aim of providing an environment conducive to reading.


Being Trendy

The living room should be updated with a few items, say after each season so that it is up to date with the current trends. For example the latest rug designs or a fresh coat of paint that has hit the market.


Sheer Curtains

The fastest way to let light in the living room is by investing in the right curtains. Instead of heavy fabric curtains, money should be spent in purchasing gauzy curtains. The panels should go down to the floor.

Back to Back

Another décor idea that I came across is the back to back concept. Here seating arrangement can be created by placing a set of sofas in the center of the room and their backs facing each other.


Formal Arrangement of Furniture

In this situation, the living room’s sofa sets are placed in an oval position. It’s designed this way for entertainment purposes and also helps in keeping the focus inwards.


Unique Wall Art

We are all used to the old design of decorating our walls with family photos. These can, however, be replaced by other forms of decorations that can catch the eyes of visitors. For example music records or even instruments can be used.


Statement Seating

Couches are a standard feature in almost, if not all living rooms. However, to spice up the living room, the sofas can be supplemented with unique things like a swinging chair that can be placed in a strategic area.



Detailed Lighting

This is something that I had to take a keen interest in. The old, common way of lighting should be done away with, and in its place, new and exciting lighting designs. For example, chandeliers can be used to replace those boring bulbs.


An Attractive Bookshelf

Bookshelves do not have to be those same, old, boring shelves that we are used to seeing. There are several new ways to spice up the bookshelves, for example displaying artwork and other accessories.


These are but some of the ideas that can be incorporated in the decoration of living rooms. Frankly, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ideas out there that can guide someone in matters of living room décor.