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Traveling Gluten-Free: 101

For so many people summer time means vacations.  While much of America travels in the summer, trips are taken year round. With the Summer weeks coming to an end I thought it would be fun to share some of my own tips (which can be used year round) when traveling on a gluten-free diet!

While I don’t have a ton of experience traveling GF these tips are what has worked for me in the past.

1. Pack Extra: When spending a weekend away from home I often think that I am crazy because majority of my luggage is food. However, I have learned that it is better to take extra then to run into a situation where there is nothing to eat.

2. Find a Local Grocery Store: Whether it’s a weekend away, or a trip by plane, I always look up where a local Whole Foods is. I have learned the hard way that GF bread does not travel well in a suitcase. Knowing that there is a local supermarket near by, makes me feel better. I can get Bread for the week as well as my fresh fruit! Plus, it may allow me to try new g-free products that I can’t get at home!

3. Scout Out G-free Friendly Restaurants: I like to let my fingers do the walking on this one. Search the internet, and go on GIG’s restaurant awareness programs page. Also check out travel sites such as Gluten-Free Travel Site.

4. Always have a safe snack: When I am in a new environment, I never know what to expect. I always like to have a safe snack on hand, just in case I run into a situation where I can’t find something to eat.

5. Vacations are a time to relax: Do what makes you happy, take some time for yourself and allow yourself to sleep that extra hour that you have been needing. What are your GF travel tips? Do you have any places that you have traveled that were G-free friendly?

Gluten Free in NYC!

I love going into the city, because there is always something to see and do. The best part though is I never have to worry about not being able to find a place to eat! NYC offers so many great restauarts that are certified by the GF restaurant awareness program.

One of my favorite places to eat is Risotteria. This is both a gluten free and vegetarian italian restaurant (don’t worry if you are not gf or vegetarian they have a regular menu as well). This restaurant is small and has limited seating, but is worth the wait.

The first time I went to this restaurant was after my family had come back from a vacation where it was challenging to find safe options. It was so nice to come to this restaurant and feel at ease the entire time! When you first sit down you are given  their famous bread sticks. As soon as we got them, I started eating one. My mom almost had a heart attack because she did not realize they were GF! However, I knew that they were GF from doing some research about the restaurant. Now, each time we go to this restaurant the whole family looks forward to eating these breads sticks (even my brother, who is picky when it comes to eating GF foods)!

The entire staff is very aware of the gf diet and takes procautions to avoid cross contamination. On their menu it states that they use designated tools for GF foods as well as have a separate grill and oven to make GF paninis and pizzas. When you order a GF meal, a “Celiac Seal” flag is placed on your dish.

I have never had a bad meal at this restaurant! Everything has been delicious. I have enjoyed things like their calmari and white bean salad, GF mozzarella pizza, and their GF paninis.

Recently I had the opportunity to eat at Risotteria and I got their chicken breast, sweet peppers, and olive puree panini (I held the cheese). It was delicious. I don’t even like olives, but the flavor of this sandwich was great. I don’t know if it was because I was so hungry or because it was just so good, but I devoured  the sandwich.

Risotteria also serves GF beer and all their desserts are GF. In addition to getting the panini I also purchased a “New York Black and White Cookie” and “Coffee Cake”. I tried the black and white the other night, and let me tell you the cookie lived up to its name. It reminded me so much of a real NY black and white.

Risotteria is definitely a family favorite and would be a great restaurant to go with friends. It  is open  7 days a week for lunch and dinner and is located on 270 Bleecker Street, between 6th / 7th aves. They also ship dry mixes and non-perishable food items for your enjoyment. Note: They can’t accommodate a party greater then 6 as they have limited seating.