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Finally, It’s Not a Mystery Anymore!

As many of you may know this summer, I have been dealing with a foot injury, and have been in search of answers. Last Friday, we finally got an explanation for my pain. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). While this has been an 8 month search, in reality I have had this condition for a little over two years.

For now the treatment is an intensive exercise program that I must complete three times a day. Thankfully I love the gym so completing these workouts haven’t been a problem ( though I’m starting to develop a love, hate relationship with the gym).  This past week has been exhausting but, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get out of pain. It’s honestly hard to believe that we finally have the “missing piece of the puzzle.”

On the drive home from the doctor, my mind was going in a million directions, yet one thing occurred to me. Receiving this diagnosis felt a lot like receiving the gluten intolerance diagnosis.

Everything seemed to make sense to the doctor when I explained my history to him. It was like he had heard my story many times before. Similarly when I went to the Celiac Center at Columbia my symptoms finally made sense to the doctor. In both cases there was a reason why I was in so much pain. It was not “all in my head!”

Before I was diagnosed both conditions had been going on for longer then I thought. While I was sick for 5 years before my gluten intolerance diagnosis I was having symptoms years before that, yet I thought it was “normal.” Same thing with my foot pain. I was having symptoms that I “just dealt” with because I thought it was of no relevance, however it was related to CRPS ( i.e. my right foot is colder then left).

Yet for both conditions the treatment seems too good to be true. The treatment for CRPS seems too simple, exercise 3 times a day, go to PT once a week, and I will hopefully start to see results in 12 weeks. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around it. However, I think what is making me have a belief in this approach is, I have seen how (a simple … I use that word very lightly) change in my diet has literally changed my life!

I have a long road ahead for me. Some days will be easier then others, but for now I am going to stay as positive as I can and hold on to the idea that this treatment, will get me stronger, pain-free, and healthier! Be well, and enjoy the day.