Easiest (Yet Still Yummy) GF Dinner!

Usually when I want chicken fingers I make them myself. However, when I first went gluten-free I did not even know that GF bread crumbs existed.

One of the first things my mom purchased was Bell & Evans GF chicken fingers. She knew Bell & Evans was a good chicken company, so this was an easy and “safe” option for me, as we were still trying to navigate through the new gluten-free world.

Though I now prefer to make homemade chicken fingers, whenever Bell & Evans GF chicken fingers are on sale we pick them up, and put them in the freezer. They are great to have on hand. Whether you are looking for a quick dinner, or are looking to bring something other than a sandwich to a party, these chicken fingers are a great option.

Take for example Tuesday night. My family was having pizza and I wanted to eat earlier, since I still had to complete my night time workout.  I popped a few chicken fingers in the oven, and cut up some fruit with carrots. There you have it, probably the easiest (but still yummy) dinner was created!

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