English Muffin Pizza

I love everything about Rudi’s gluten-free, not to mention their breads are simply out of this world! I was super excited when I read their blog today, and found out that their new pizza crust will be available in stores by the end of April! I can only imagine it will be great! Ironically, I made English muffin pizza using Joan’s English muffins tonight.

With the workload increasing I am finding myself turning to meals that are quick to prepare, yet are still delicious.This meal is simple and took me literally 15 minutes to prepare.

Here is what you will need:
1 GF English muffin
Marinara or Tomato Sauce ( Homemade or Rao’s is GF)
Mozzarella Cheese ( I use  Rice Lactose Free Mozzarella Shreds)

Heat sauce on stove in sauce pan (or microwave). Then place English muffin in microwave to defrost. Slice open and place in oven until lightly browned. Note: I normally put it in the oven when making pizza, however, since I had class I put the English muffin in my toaster until lightly browned. It worked perfectly, and took half the time. Remove english muffin and place sauce on top and top with cheese. Place English muffin in oven on broil until cheese is melted. ( about 5 minutes)

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