Healing With Food

Some of my fondest childhood memories took place at the dinner table.  I always looked forward to our family dinners at night. Not only could I tell my parents about my school day, but I had the pleasure of enjoying one of mom’s home cooked meals.

I never hated food when I was younger, but as I look back on my “food history” there were particular times where food didn’t like me too much. There was the time when I got sick from eating ice cream for about a month, and ever since I could remember I disliked Thanksgiving because the meal would leave me feeling horrible. I never thought anything of this, and just attributed it to having the occasional sensitive stomach. Food is not only a nurturing experience, but a form of socialization. Food has the power to comfort and heal. 

However food caused me an immense amount of pain; both physically and emotionally. Those pleasurable feelings were taken away from me, and I was left with discomfort and fear. 

Much of my gluten-free journey has revolved around food. For me it wasn’t about giving up food. I was so sick that I didn’t care what I had to give up. It was about bringing food back into my life ; finding safety and joy once again. I in a sense had to reconcile with food, and develop a positive and healthy relationship with it.

Frozen Cupcake .jpgIt was a process, but once I was honest with myself things began to change. At times my relationship with food is still not the greatest, but I have come such a long way!

I have  witnessed how food can transform you from an unhealthy, frail, sick teen into a glowing and strong young adult. Getting back in the kitchen allowed me to heal, and sharing the recipes with you all has allowed me to share my story.

Food can heal, but food should never hurt. Have fun, don’t be afraid to experiment in the kitchen, and embrace all the wonderful flavors of the GF diet.