It’s a 30 minute Gluten-free Meal!

The 30 minute meal was inspired by Rachel Ray, and as a college student who cooks every night is a concept I love! This past week when I was home on spring break my mom made her own 30 minute meal. This meal was so good, and you would of never have guessed it only took her 30 minutes! She made a lemon seasoned flounder, which was amazing and full of flavor. Cooking the fish with the lemon allows for a great blend of flavor! Listed below are the ingredients you need to make this dish.

Lemon Seasoned Flounder
1 egg
Flour ( I would recommend Jules or Garbanzo Bean Flour)
Butter (We used Earth Balance)
1 Lemon

Dip flounder in egg, and then coat in flour. Set aside. Thinly slice the lemon. In frying pan, melt a small amount of butter and place flounder and lemon slices in pan to cook. Cook until fish is lightly browned.

Meal is great with vegetables, along side a salad, brown rice or pasta.

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