Live Your Best Life

I grew up watching Oprah. She taught me many life lessons that I could of never learned in school. There were many messages I took away from her shows, but the idea of  living your best life has been a philosophy I have held close to my heart.

Living your best life means something different for everyone. During the years of misdiagnosis, I thought I was living my best life, but in reality I wasn’t.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Counseling & Human Services has been beneficial for many reasons. First, it was the first step in achieving my goal of becoming a professional school counselor. Second, as part of the program we had to complete numerous reflections. By senior year, many of us in the program joked about the number of reflections we had completed over the past four years, and quite honestly by the end, I needed a break from all the reflections.

Despite our jokes, these self-reflections were vital to my learning and my healing.

Over the summer I read a reflection from my freshman year, and then one from my senior year. Boy, am I a different person!  I went through a lot during my 4 years of college, and with some serious thought taking part in these reflections allowed me to find myself. I learned how to be in tune with myself and my emotions.

As I began to heal, and feel better I thought this was what my best life was suppose to look like.

 However, it wasn’t until my first semester senior year that I honestly started living my best life. During that semester I attended a retreat that changed my life. I went into the weekend, with an open mind, but quite honestly I wasn’t sure how much I really could learn about myself. Up to that point I had done so many self-reflections and I thought I had sorted through many of my emotions.

I was proven wrong.

I learned more about myself during that weekend than any reflection had ever taught me. The weekend left a permanent mark on my life. It is an experience that I am continually learning from.

It wasn’t until after that weekend, I truly started living my best life. I began to loosen up, and not be afraid of “what I was going to have to deal with next.” I learned to not be so serious about being gluten-free, and for the first time that weekend, I laughed about being GF.

I learn to let go of others expectations.

I started to do the things that I loved and made me feel good.

I learned to forgive. Especially myself

I let go of the guilt I had for putting my family through all of my medical hurdles.

 And I’m learning to take down the walls I put up, after years of let down and pain

In doing all this, I learned how to truly live my best life. A life full of happiness, hope, and optimism. Despite still going through some ups and downs with my RSD/CRPS, life hasn’t looked any better. Because I am finally truly happy with myself.

I am now living my best life.

 Just as I have had moments in my life that have inspired me to find my best life, I hope this blog can be one of the sources that inspires and motivates you