Looking Back on The Year : 2011

A Year in Reflection
The clock struck 12
2011 had begun
“This was going to be my year”
No health problems
Just good health and happiness 

The year began with its rocky moments
3 falls on the ice
A mystery foot injury
Once again, doctor after doctor
receiving test after test

Suddenly something began to feel different
I got answers
But there was a change in mindset too
Things are going to happen
But I couldn’t let this stop me 

a year of strength
My blog
what keeps me going through difficult times
I wrote, I shared, I learned
A year of accomplishment 

Completing 300 hours worth of internships
Being accepted into Grad School
A dream of 5 years finally came true
What will the new year bring?
A graduation in May
But other then that
I don’t know

A year of no expectations
Of course I have goals
But if I hit a bump in the road
I will not become disappointed
I will keep on living
Living a life full of joy

I will surround myself with positivity
Take time for myself
Continue to find gratitude in “the little things”
Laugh often
Enjoy delicious
gluten-free food

Take risks in the kitchen
Be Happy
These are my hopes for 2012

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy & Joyful New Year!


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