Oh, The Things That Get Me Excited!

Just when I was jumping on the GF band wagon, Celiac awareness and the gluten free diet was on the rise. Elizabeth Hasselbeck came out with her new book, Chex released their GF cereals and more and more companies were developing GF products. During this GF boom BabycakesNYC released their first cookbook.

BabycakesNYC was started by Erin McKenna, who after being diagnosed with a wheat and dairy allergy, decided to start experimenting. The outcome, a vegan bakery free of refined sugar, gluten, wheat, soy, casein,  and eggs, which is also kosher. Note: there are some products that are made with spelt flour (not G-free).

I tried Babycakes the day after I was diagnosed. ( My mom picked up some treats after my test and surprised me, since I was sleeping in the car)! Wow, is all I can say. Everything from their donuts to their cookies are delicious!! I love that BCNYC is not only gluten free and dairy free, but they use nutritious ingredients. Making these bake goods as healthy as a baked good can be.

When I was around 14, my mom started me on a cookbook collection, since we both share a passion for baking. On my first Christmas being G-free I received the BabycakesNYC cookbook, so I could bake and enjoy BCNYC treats without having to travel to the city. Some items that I have baked from this cookbook, are the banana and corn bread, apple cinnamon toastie, as well as, the vanilla cake. (Something went wrong when I baked the yellow cake and was NOT as good as the vanilla cupcake that I enjoyed at BCNYC). The apple cinnamon toastie was by far my favorite!!

The only down side about this cookbook is that the recipes require A LOT of ingredients and some recipes have many steps, but the outcome is well worth it!!

Well, I have some exciting news for you all!! Babycakes is releasing their newest cookbook in 53 DAYS!! I was on twitter ( of course I follow BCNYC ) and saw that you were able to pre-order this cookbook. Guess who jumped on the opportunity…ME!! April 12th I will have Babycakes “Covers the Classics” in my hands!!  I can’t wait. I hear that they will be including their donut recipe in the book (they bake them). Without a doubt that will be the first recipe I try. I need to go out and by a donut pan

You can pre-order your copy on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.comEnjoy Babycakes in NYC, LA and their newest location Disney World, Orlando, FL. They also ship for your enjoyment!!

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