Pacific Foods: What’s Pho Dinner?

Before I write this post, let me state that it is long over due! As many of you know in June I attended Food Fete, and during this wonderful event I met representatives from Pacific Foods.

At the event they were promoting their newest soup starter creation Pho (inspired by Vietnamese Pho)! After the event I was sent a package from Pacific Foods, which contained their vegetable and chicken Pho starters. I was excited to try this new product, since I love Pacific foods’ broths.


Before I left school, I realized that I had never made the Pho! I didn’t know what to expect, since I had never had Pho, but was excited to try it. After trying the Pho, I have decided that it wasn’t for me, but I am glad I tried it!

Though I didn’t have the pallet for Pho, I love so many of the other products that Pacific foods has to offer. Their chicken broth is always on hand in our house!  We are actually using it tonight, when we make our chicken and vegetable soup for our cookie party.

I love that Pacific foods clearly marks their gluten-free products, and has made a great chart which indicates what allergens are in their products (I love when companies make it that easy!)

Thank you again Pacific Foods for allowing me to try your Pho and for creating delicious gluten-free broths. To learn more about Pacific foods, visit their website and be sure to find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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