Pizza Night at Wild Flours Bakeshop!

One thing that I have started to miss is going out for pizza with my family. Because I eat both dairy and gluten free whenever I want to enjoy pizza I have to make it. While I don’t mind this all the time, there are just sometimes where I’m just “too tired” and want to be able to enjoy a fresh pizza (which is not made by myself).

Well my wish was answered when Wild Flours Bakeshop started their pizza night two weekends ago. Note: currently Wild Flours only makes pizza on Saturday.They currently have three varieties, regular mozzarella cheese, goat cheese and rice cheese (dairy free). My family visited the bakery this past weekend, and ordered 3 pies. Two with regular cheese for my parents and brother and one dairy free for “yours truly”!

OMG is all I have to say this pizza was amazing and was 10x better then any dairy free/ gluten free pizza I have ever made/ bought. The best part was the cheese was fully melted, and the pizza had a real crust (which you can fold!). I loved how I did not even taste like I was eating DF/GF pizza. It was so good!

I was planning on freezing my leftovers so I could enjoy it the following Friday, but it was just too good for me not to eat it the next day. This time I enjoyed some slices along side a salad ( which I would love for Wild Flours to offer).  As I was eating the pizza, I thought, ” I wish I could get this up at school”, so before I go back to school I think I am going to order a pizza and freeze it.

Of course being that we don’t live super close to the bakery I had to bring a treat (or two) home with me! I got a chocolate cupcake with DF vanilla icing, which was delicious and froze one of their wonderful brownies, so I can enjoy it at a later date!

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