Recipe Resources

When I first found out the gluten-free diet was the answer to why I hadn’t felt good for years, so many people were ecstatic by the news. Despite not really knowing what gluten was, or being baffled by the fact that a “simple” change in diet was the answers to my prayers, family and friends were so happy I would once again be healthy.

One person who was a particularly helpful resource was my Aunt Cindy. Prior to me going gluten-free she had recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. One thing I will never forget is receiving my first gluten-free cookbook because it was from her.

My aunt recalled that she threw out many cookbooks in the beginning of her journey, because the gluten-free recipes were just not good. She knew I loved to bake so she sent me “Easy Gluten Free Baking” because this at the time was one of the only baking cookbooks that she had success with. She explained it was the only book that provided her with recipes where family and friends would eat the treats without noticing the dessert was gluten-free.

There is nothing worse than spending money on something only to have to throw it out; whether it be the countless ingredients, or the actual book. I have been fortunate to have found many cookbooks that I loved. I have cooked many recipes from the below publications with much success.

There are also many cookbooks on my shelf that I have yet to fully dive into. As I cook my way through more cookbooks successfully or find other helpful publications or website, I will add to this list.