Tips on How to Layer Rugs

Designers have come up ways in which we can layer rugs in our homes so as to create a beautiful surrounding. Many design predicaments can be solved by simply adding a second layer of rug. Initially, I wasn’t sure on how to go about layering rugs. I came up with the following points and benefits that I think can be useful for anyone looking to layer rugs in a simple yet outstandingly lovely way, or help you in making the decision to layer your rugs.


Texturizing effect

Adding of a second layer of rug texturizes a room, in that, say for example a room with clear neutral colours, though already looking beautiful, lights up with the addition of a rug made of sheepskin. Such is the seemingly small effort required to transform a room in a large way, making it stand out.


Spotlight Something Special

Let’s say there’s a red antique tucked somewhere in a room but there are colors, more dominant the antique’s color. Adding a second red rug in the room will suddenly shine a spotlight on the red antique that initially was not a standout item.



Similar Styles

The layering of rugs with totally different patterns is a complicated affair. Instead of utilizing different patterns, it is advisable to use similar rug styles in order to create a beautiful environment.



From the above picture, without the added cowhide rug, the dining space would have looked incomplete. The cowhide layer therefore emphasizes the seating area, thus making it look like the design was chosen on purpose instead of a scene depicting seats on top of a big rug.


There are different types of rugs with different styles and shades of color in the market. In order to create a good contrast, customization is needed. For example, a room may have white colored walls and the couch maybe black in color. To create a good contrast, layering can be done using one rug which may be white in color, while the other one might have black and white stripes.


Filling in the Blank

I might be having a rug that I absolutely love and adore but it might not fit the area I envision it in. However, I can still utilize it in that same area by just putting a simple and bigger rug under it.



I have 2 kids at home. This of course means that spillages are a common occurrence in the house. An extra rug comes in handy for preventing wet substances from reaching the carpet underneath or even hide stains.


Use of Hides

Hides are considered as excellent secondary rugs to be used for layering. This is because they are thin, and thus not likely to trip someone. Moreover, since they have irregular shapes, another slightly bigger rug can be placed underneath.

Now that we have seen how layering can be achieved, where are these rugs purchased?

Here in London, rugs can be purchased from;

  • John Lewis
  • Rugs Warehouse
  • Christopher Farr
  • West Elm
  • Tim Page carpets

Alternatively, sites like Amazon, Argos, irugs, Carpetvisa and Selectarug provide online services.


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