Tired of Planning…

With the gluten-free diet comes A LOT of planning. No longer are the days were I can just pick something  up “on the go.” This was tough when I first was diagnosed, but it’s something I have since accepted. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t times were it gets tiring. Today is one of those days!

Not only do I have to plan what I am going to cook this week, but I must think ahead to next weekend. Next weekend I will be going on a retreat. Though I am so excited to spend a weekend away from technology and school, this opptunity to has come with a bit of nervousness. I haven’t spent many weekends away where I don’t have access to a supermarket if I run out of food. My plan is to pack EXTRA food, because we all know there is nothing worse then not having something to eat!!

Sunday: Leftovers!
Monday: Happy Halloween – Lemon Seasoned Flounder, Quinoa
Tuesday: Oven baked chicken fingers, homemade Fries
Wednesday: Late Night of Classes – Egg Sandwich
Thursday: Zucchini Quiche, Salad
Friday: (Retreat) Bell and Evan Chicken with Apple and Salad
Saturday: (Retreat) Zucchini Quiche, Salad

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