Types of Dinner Tables

A dining room table is typically the central point of a dining room. It’s where guests are entertained and families bond over meals. The dining room table is one of the pieces of furniture that is used the most; probably 2 or 3 times a day. Why not invest in a stunning table, one that stands out?

My husband and I decided to take our time when shopping for the best dining table for our family. We ended up settling on a lovely, rectangular, wooden table that has wonderful patterns on top. However, this may not be your preference. Not to worry, there are very many types of dining tables to choose from. They are classified according to shape, material, origin and style. Let’s consider some types according to shape, material and style.


  1. Shape


  • This is the simplest design.
  • Tables here have four legs with equal spaces between them.
  • Because of their size, they are suitable for restaurants and other smaller places.



  • Round or circular tables allow people to shift seat options.



  • This is the most common dining table shape.
  • This shape allows carpenters to try out different styles and designs.



  • This shape is also common and popular, alongside the rectangular shaped table.
  • It allows for the creation of lovely curves that have a longer surface area, hence increasing the space for more chairs.



  • With this design, there is no specific shape definition. The table shape in this category is neither square, rectangular, oval nor round.




  1. Top Material


  • This is the most commonly used material in the making of dining tables – a fact clearly evident when you walk into any furniture store.



  • This tabletop is characterized by a multilayered composition that provides for a strong surface which is resistant to wear and tear.
  • PVC laminated tables are the most common in this category.



  • Tabletops made of metal tend to bring about a modern yet firm touch to a room.
  • The main advantage of this type of tabletop is that the metallic material is resistant to stains. Additionally, it tends to be cool and is conducive for industrial areas.



  • This material is often associated with floors and even kitchen counters. However, it can also be used to make fantastic dining tables.
  • One advantage of this material is that it can easily be cleaned in the event of a spillage.


  • Glass can also be used to make tabletops.
  • They tend to bring about a stylish appearance within the dining room.
  • The legs of these tables are mostly metallic.
  • One advantage is that, like marble tops, they are easy to clean.



  • Tiles are also a common feature of floors, but they are also used to make tabletops.
  • They often create a beautiful and artistic appearance.



  1. Style


  • As the name suggests, this table style is from way back, and still popular today.
  • It’s characterized by detailed textures and carved wood.



  • This style brings about a mixture of artistry and utility that originated at the beginning of the 20th
  • It’s characterized by clean lines and sharp angles.



  • This style incorporates the use of wood in its natural state (unpainted) in order to create a nature like feeling.
  • Tables made using this style are prevalent in cottages and cabins.
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